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Jennifer L. Conway, Certified Health Coach

In the areas of wellness, education and prevention, Jennifer stands on solid ground with client success in works including violence prevention, St. Mary's Hospital; teen substance abuse prevention, Region V Systems; and her most coveted role serving as team leader HEALTHY LIFESTYLES for our nation's largest student organization: the FFA. Today as a Dr. Sears Wellness Institute certified health coach and yoga instructor (200 hr. Inner Power Yoga), Jennifer inspires individuals to take concrete action steps towards living healthier lives. 

L.E.A.N. Lifestyle. Exercise. Attitude. Nutrition.

As a certified Dr. Sears Health Coach, Jennifer will help you achieve your health and wellness goals through utilization of the four pillars of health: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. This scientifically proven plan provides a path to better health with a focus on living a longer, healthier life.  Learn how to:


  • Prevent disease and unhealthy aging
  • Boost energy levels, reduce stress and sleep better
  • Use nutrition to help decrease pain and inflammation
  • Become fit, flexible and strong.

Your Path to Wellness: One on One Coaching

  • First: schedule a call to discuss your wellness goals. 
  • Second: decide what fits your needs: one coaching session, or many. 
  • Third: meet in person or via phone to set action steps for your goals.

                                                                               April 1, 2018

Dear Seeker:

Small changes can often make a big difference in your life. The mind-body connection is powerful and each of us has within us the ability to heal ourselves. As evident in my life's work, I'm passionate about prevention. As a wife and mother, I value being the heartbeat for health in our home and this role has lead me to utilize alternative healing modalities including ayurveda and homeopathy. I'm thrilled with the well-being my family experiences sans medication (although there's need for that at times). Dr. Sears says, "Instead of asking your doctor what can I take? ask her, what can I do?" I believe wholeheartedly in Dr. Sears' balanced approach and understand the critical role attitude has in our health. I love inspiring individuals to reach their wellness goals and believe each one of us can thrive by making health our hobby. Sometimes we all need a little help along the way--that's where I can be of value--to motivate, educate and inspire. I'm here to assist you in taking action steps for your continued health and happiness. Let's connect.

Warmly, Jennifer


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